Dental Crowns and Bridges

Get Tooth Caps and Bridges in Hutto, TX

Tooth Caps, Dental Crowns in Hutto TXIt is not uncommon to need a dental crown. A crown not only protects a damaged tooth from further harm but also provides reinforcement and an attractive appearance. Often, a tooth may threaten to crack or break from decay or trauma. A crown will help hold the tooth together and prevent further damage. Also, since crowns cover the entire visible segments of teeth, they hide unattractive fillings, darkening, or other problems.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is one method of tooth replacement. As the name suggests, a bridge will span the gap created by missing teeth. Bridges are held in position by teeth adjacent to the gap and may be either fixed or removable.

Although both bridges and crowns have been offered by dentists for many decades, modern technology has made them better than ever. You will always receive custom care at Family Dental Center of Hutto with great attention to detail. You can call us for all your dental needs at (512) 642-4106.

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