Single Implant Placement

Tooth Replacement in the Hutto, TX Area

Dental Implants in Hutto TXTooth loss, even the absence of a single tooth, can be devastating for adults. A missing tooth impacts the appearance of your smile, your ability to eat and speak, and even your oral health. In the past, a bridge or partial denture was really your only solution. But now, Dr. Hinh offers durable and natural-appearing single dental implants at Family Dental Center of Hutto.

The Implant Process

Dr. Hinh will first carefully evaluate your candidacy for dental implants to make sure this option is the right choice for your situation. You will need sufficient underlying bone to support the implant, but bone grafting can also be an option if you lack the necessary bone structure. If you are an appropriate candidate, Dr. Hinh will surgically insert a titanium implant that acts as a replacement root. You will next need to wait a few months to give the implant time to integrate into your natural bone.

You will then receive a custom crown affixed to the top of your implant. This crown will be the visible portion of your new tooth and will look completely indistinguishable from your natural teeth. In fact, no one except your dentist will be able to tell that the tooth is actually artificial. Plus, your new implant is permanent and can easily last for decades.

Dental implants are the secure and esthetic choice for tooth replacement. Contact us today at (512) 642-4106 to learn more or arrange a consultation.

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