Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Expert Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Hutto, TX

Wisdom teeth are just part of becoming an adult. Teenagers or young adults may have two or four wisdom teeth begin to erupt in their late adolescent years, but a fortunate few have none at all. For those not so lucky, these teeth often need to be extracted before they break through.

Avoiding Problems

But why? Because there usually isn’t sufficient room for these latecomers. Wisdom teeth are properly called third molars, and the mouth is typically already crowded with molars, premolars, and other teeth by the time they arrive. In serious cases, wisdom teeth can become impacted because of crowding – which may lead to infection.

Even if there is room, wisdom teeth can shift the other teeth out of alignment if allowed to erupt. Their arrival may even cause problems with your bite.

The Extraction Process

Using x-rays, Dr. Hinh can tell if your wisdom teeth are going to be an issue long before they erupt from your gums. If so, he will surgically remove your wisdom teeth using local anesthetic in addition to sedation. This combination makes for a comfortable procedure that you will not even recall.

Afterward, you will be provided with comprehensive postoperative instructions and a follow-up appointment. You can be assured of excellent care at Family Dental Center of Hutto, and you will not have to worry about your wisdom teeth in the future.

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